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Every Athlete’s foot is different, and every sport demands a different level of support and performance. Peak performance is enhanced with a sports orthotic specificaly made for your athletic foot and your sport performance goals.

FOOT FORCE is more than just a product, it is a service. When contacted, a team member from Foot Force comes direct to you. Our team meets with coaches, trainers and athletes to assess the athlete’s position and skill sets. This is a critical step because of the many ways to customize insoles with various materials. Athletes look for an insole that can deliver specific attributes such as agility, stability, strength, balance, power, injury minimization, comfort and more. After this is assessed, a mold is made of the feet and a heated blank inserted to cast the mold. After a casted blank is created, the proper insole can be manipulated further with various foams and add-ons to the specific needs of the individual athlete. The insole is trimmed, fitted and inserted into the athlete’s footwear. The entire process can take a matter of minutes but the impact can propel athletes to a greater level through increases agility, balance and comfort.

Imagine sliding into a brand new cleat, sneaker, skate or boot and there is a 100% impression of your foot that has been made specifically for you, your position and your style of play. This precise customization will deliver the fastest route of kinetic energy inside of the footwear all while minimizing the chance of injuries like sprains or “turf toe”.